Bulletin to all Citizens

For some weeks now we have been investigating reports of a very careless and reckless driver,  but we need the publics help. We received complaints on, or about, Saturday July 22, 2000 sometime in the afternoon. Complaints were that three cars were involved in a drag race northbound on Valley View St. from Lakeshore. The cars were described as a late model black Camaro SS, a mid eighties Corvette, and an older Camaro described by witnesses as " a piece of shit". Our main concern is with the Camaro SS since we have a pair of burnout marks to match to the offending vehicle.  Below is a picture of the offending burnout mark from our evidence file on this matter.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of this crazed individual is encouraged to email the investigative unit at [email protected]. There is a $.02 reward for the arrest, conviction, tar & feathering, hanging, and firing squad execution of the individual.

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